Appetizers, Soup & Salad

    • Appetizers

    • Broccoli Rabe


      Broccoli RabeFresh broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and sun dried tomato. Sausage can be added for $3.50.

    • Escargot


      Escargot6 Delicious escargot baked to perfection in a butter and garlic sauce that just melts in your mouth.

    • Fresh Asparagus


      AsparagusFresh asparagus with artichoke hearts and tomato, drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

    • Fried Calamari


      Fried CalamariLarge crispy calamari rings and tentacles prepared to order and served with a lemon wedge and side of marinara sauce.

    • Firecracker Calamari


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonOur delicious golden fried calamari sauteed in a light garlic herb butter, with spicy firecracker cherry peppers.

    • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail


      Shrimp Cocktail5  Extra large succulent shrimp served with a side of our own homemade cocktail sauce.

    • Mozzarella Caprese


      Mozzarella CapreseRipe tomato, fresh mozzarella, red onion, olives, red pepper and basil, seasoned with extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs.

    • Stuffed Artichoke


      Stuffed ArtichokeFull large artichoke cooked to perfection, stuffed with breadcrumbs, fresh garlic, cheese and spices.

    • Stuffed Mushroom with Crabmeat


      Stuffed Mushrooms5 Button mushrooms stuffed with homemade crabmeat filling.

    • Italian-style Zucchini Sticks


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonFresh zucchini sticks breaded in the perfect blend of Italian seasonings and fried golden, served with marinara dipping sauce.

    • Roasted Red Peppers


      Roasted Red PepperRoasted red peppers sauteed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil with basil and herbs.

    • Mussels Posillipo


      Mussels Posillipo5 Mussels on the half shell served either marinara or with garlic & oil with fresh basil.

    • Chicken Fingers


      Chicken Fingers3 Large chicken fingers fried to golden perfection and served with honey mustard dipping sauce and ketchup.

    • Fried Ravioli


      Product-Image-Coming-Soon6 tasty golden ravioli filled with a blend of asiago, mozzarella, parmigiana and ricotta cheese, served with marinara dipping sauce.

    • Fried Mozzarella


      Fried Mozzarella3 Homemade breaded and deep fried mozzarella triangles served with a side of our sauce.

    • Clams Oreganata

      $6.95 / $11.95

      Clams Oreganata6 Baked clams on the half shell with our special blend of herbs and breadcrumbs.  Also available by the Dozen

    • Beef Carpaccio


      Beef CarpaccioWell cured and sliced thin, with a delicious touch of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and capers, garnished with spring mix and fresh shaved parmesan cheese.

    • Salmon Carpaccio


      Salmon CarpaccioWell cured and sliced thin, served with a beautiful spring mix salad, and finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice, capers and shaved parmesan cheese.

    • Nonna's Meatballs


      Product-Image-Coming-Soon4 of our homemade meatballs served with a scoop of ricotta cheese in our delicious tomato sauce.

    • Eggplant Stack


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonLayered with provolone, fresh basil and sauce then topped with asiago cheese and baked to perfection in the oven.

    • Salads

      Add grilled chicken - $3.50 Add Calamari or Salmon or Shrimp - $5.50 Dressing choices include: Classic Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar (red or balsamic)

    • Side Salad


      Side SaladOur small dinner (side) salad includes fresh lettuce, baby greens, red onion, black olives and a cherry tomato.

    • House Salad


      House SaladFresh Iceberg and Romaine lettuce with mixed baby greens, red onion, black and green olive, tomato, hard boiled egg, cucumber and pepperoncini.  Choice of dressing on the side.

    • Caesar Salad


      Caesar SaladFresh romaine lettuce with crunchy croutons tossed in our fresh caesar dressing.

    • Ceasar Salad with Grilled Shrimp


      Grilled Shrimp over Caesar SaladOur crisp ceasar salad shown with grilled shrimp.

    • Grilled Calamari over Caesar Salad


      Grilled Calamari over Caesar SaladOur crisp ceasar salad shown with grilled calamari.

    • Antipasto Salad (cold)


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonOur house salad with ham, salami, mortadella and provolone cheese.

    • Arugula Salad


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonFresh arugula served with feta cheese and black olives tossed in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

    • Fire and Ice Salad


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonA crisp bed of romaine lettuce with crispy chicken coated in our homemade hot wing sauce with creamy ranch dressing.

    • Barnyard Salad


      Barnyard SaladFresh romaine lettuce tossed with marinated grilled chicken, tomato, onions and cucumber with honey lime dressing.

    • Goat Cheese salad


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonTender spring greens, goat cheese, seasonal berries and chopped walnuts tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

    • Spinach Salad


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonFresh spinach, mushrooms, bacon bits and gorgonzola cheese tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

    • Soup

    • Shrimp Bisque


      Shrimp Bisque3 Large shrimp in a creamy pink homemade vegetable based soup consisting of tomato, green peppers, red peppers, onion and cream.

    • Chicken Noodle Soup


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonChicken broth with celery, carrots, onions and noodles.


      Also available in cup for $3.50.

    • Minestrone Soup


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonMade with tomato, potato, macaroni orzo, celery, lima beans, carrots, onions, zucchini, squash and garlic.


      Also available as cup for $3.50.

    • Tuscan Bean Soup


      Product-Image-Coming-SoonMade with red and white beans, spinach, carrots, sausage with a slight spice.


      Also available as cup for $3.50.


***Prices Subject to Change Without Notice***