In the Spotlight

¬†Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loves our pizza for his cheat day meal, and he is the inventor the “Double Dough” pizza.



“The Rock” has been coming to Pizza Heaven for many years, he brought us this photo while making the scorpion king in 2002

The Rock at Pizza Heaven“The Scorpion King 2002″

July 16th 2014 – On ESPN Unquestionable – The Rock is asked about his cheat day diet, and he gives us a shout out for his double dough pizza.

Good Morning America Interview with Dwayne Johnson for GIJOE where he mentions his training routine, and cheat day meal from his “favorite pizza place, pizza heaven, that makes double dough pizza for him”

Skip to 2:23 if you don’t want to watch full interview

Dwayne Johnson on Jimmy Kimmel, shows his phone with the photo above and again he mentions Pizza Heaven and his “guy” pizza joe, who makes him double dough pizza

Skip to 9:35 if you don’t want to watch full interview





Thanks Dwayne, we appreciate all the love and shout-outs.